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Diving into the world of Sensory Activities opens up a realm of creative and enriching experiences for kids. Beyond standard play, incorporating engaging elements like Chenille Stem Threading, Paper Magiclay, Slime, Sensory Sands, and Fun Dough can take learning to new heights, offering opportunities for exploration and development outside of the box.

Encouraging children to engage in sensory activities not only captivates their attention but also plays a crucial role in their overall development. From enhancing social interactions and language skills to fostering cognitive growth and improving fine and gross motor skills, these sensory activities provide a multi-faceted approach to learning that keeps kids engaged and excited.

Join us as we delve into a world of sensory play that promises to captivate your child’s attention and ignite their imagination!

Chenille Stem Threading

Sensory Activities threading

All children seek sensory experiances, however not all children like emersing their hands into a sensory product .
Chenille stems are a fluffy stick with a wire centre. The wire allows for the stick to move and bend whilst the fluffy outer creates a stimulating sensory experiance for the threader. 
Whist engaging the childs senses this activity also promote hand – eye coordination , concentration and colour identification.

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Fun Sensory Activities – Paper Magiclay

Magiclay Paper Clay

Magiclay Paper Clay is a great paper like dough that children can create and construct with. Its unique texture is very different from that of normal clay or a dough. Magiclay is a clean dough that will not stick to little hands . Magiclay creations can be left to air dry over night or children can create and recreate if placed back into its air tight container allowing for hours of fun. Available in Candy Colours, Black and White.

Sensory Activities Magic Sand

Sensory Sand

Our great new range of sensory sand is a fun way for children to engage their senses while strengthening their fine motor as they learn through play.

Cotton Sand and Magic Sand are the 2 sensory sands we stock. Cotton Sand is as its name suggests – A cotton like feeling sand that can be pressed firm to mould or can be stretched to resemble a cotton like piece.

Magic Sand holds to mould , construct and create allowing children to fell a sense of achievement as they create things that would not be possible with normal sand. The firm hold of the sand allows for objects to be stacked on top of one another or to be moved to a different area with out crumbling.

Both sands are a great way to calm a busy or over stimulated child.

Sensory Activities Slime


Who doesn’t love a good slime sessions! Children will explore this stretchy , gooey sensory slime for hours.

This recipe makes about a handful of standard gooey slime

  1. Half a cup (125ml) KIDS PVA
  2. Add a tsp. of your favourite Paint or Tintex colour
  3. Add 2 tbsp. of liquid laundry detergent (we use the brand Cold Power)
  4. Mix until the slime has reached the desired consistency and is no longer sticky
  5. Stretch & squish your slime until it’s just right
  6. Keep your slime in a snap lock bag or sealed container after use

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Sensory Activities Fun Dough

fun dough

Fun Dough is learning in disguise! The benefits are endless …
Playdough Increases curiosity and knowledge as children mould, roll and flatten the dough. This enhances fine motor skills and helps to develop hand – eye coordination. These skills alone will help children establish self help skill and learning to write in the future.
Children will use their imagination to create as well as experiment with mixing colours and trial and error.