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School fetes these days can be major events and organising a school fete is next level!  What was once just a few trash and treasure stalls is now a huge commitment by P & C volunteers, students and teachers.  Fetes can also be your schools biggest fundraising project for the year though so it’s important they are planned well. 

Here’s our top 5 hints on running a school fete :

  1. Plan early and avoid wet the months!  On the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, February and March are generally our wettest months of the year and are good months to avoid.  Know when your local wet months are and avoid them!  Have a back-up plan if the event is to be cancelled because of wet weather.
  2. Get a an amusement company to run 3 to 5 rides for your fete.  Make sure you crack a good deal – don’t be afraid to ask other schools what they are paying.  Also make sure there is a ride to suit the little ones and the big kids.  Don’t over-do it though as the rides can be a distraction from your other fundraising activities.
  3. Assign each school class a particular job for the day.  ie running a cake stall, a second hand book stall, a plant stall etc.  Spreading the workload makes it easier.  The fete is also an excellent opportunity to showcase your school through dance, music and art displays.
  4. Promote the fete through flyers, newsletters, websites and posters well before the date.  People like to plan in well in advance these days.
  5. Have a wide range of food, stalls and entertainment.  Market stalls selling home-made wares, foods, lucky dips, farm animals, arts and craft are always popular.  Instead of a fixed fee, consider asking any external stall holders for a small percentage of turnover (between 10%-20%).

Kidsplay Crafts Sand Art and Plaster Painting for organising a School Fete

Kidsplay Crafts is a locally owned business on the Tweed/Gold Coast and can supply Sand Art and Plaster Art for stalls at your next fete.  Always a popular kids activity, sand art or plaster art will be a major attraction at your event.   Contact Sonia on 0401 937 647 for advice, quotes or ideas for your next school fete.