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Perler Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Star Activity Kit

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The Perler Super Mario Bros. 3 fuse bead kit includes 275 beads, arch pegboard, ironing paper, pattern sheet, and easy instructions.

Unleash your inner gamer and craft enthusiast with the Perler Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Star Activity Kit!

This kit allows you to recreate the iconic Super Star from the classic Nintendo video game, bringing a touch of nostalgia to your crafting sessions.

Ideal for beginners, the Perler Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Star Activity Kit caters to crafters ages 6 and up.

Perler Beads are a fantastic way to develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and artistic expression. As children carefully place beads on the pegboard, they enhance their attention to detail and patience. The act of fusing the beads with an iron provides an additional layer of accomplishment, as they witness their creation transform into a solid, displayable piece.

With bead colors including sand and black, this kit captures the essence of the beloved Super Star. It allows you to bring the magic of Mario’s world into your home. Whether you’re an avid fan of the gaming series or simply looking for a creative project, this activity kit offers hours of entertainment and a final product that you’ll be proud to show off.

What’s Included

Inside this comprehensive kit, you’ll find everything you need for a fun and rewarding activity:

  •  275 specially selected fuse beads
  •  Arch pegboard for easy bead placement
  •  Ironing paper for safe fusing
  •  Pattern sheet to guide your design
  •  Easy to follow instructions

For Mario Superfans, We have loads of different Perler Bead Activity Kits – there is something for everyone no matter their age !

Celebrate the timeless charm of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. 3 with this engaging activity kit. Not only does it provide a worthwhile crafting experience, but it also offers educational benefits by honing young minds’ skills and fostering creativity. With this kit, every gamer-crafter can experience the joy of creating a piece of video game history. TM & © 2017 Nintendo.