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Spending time with family can be one of life’s most special activities, even though it can be daunting when you have young kids. As a business owner, you know that keeping children entertained while in a restaurant or waiting room can be a challenge. Attract families and to bring in more families to your business, you need to go the extra mile and offer more than the usual services. By putting in the extra effort and creating marketing strategies that are family-centred, you can offer more tailored and desirable solutions to your customers’ problems. This investment will surely pay off such as colouring in books for kids.

Why Attract Families to Your Business?

Some businesses, such as up market fine-dining restaurants, do not typically welcome children. This is totally fine, as some customers want a child-free experience. Some customers have no choice but to bring their children. Many businesses have more to gain by catering to families. For example, providing kids activity books for restaurants is a great strategy for the many reasons including:

Many Australian families are loyal and help with customer retention. Kids play a big role in the decision-making process of where their family chooses to dine. If children like a place and are entertained, they will ask their parents to come back, resulting in repeat business. Families are less likely to try out different places as they do not have as much time to explore all the options. Once they have a good experience at an establishment, they will return.

Adults with children are more likely to dine and connect with other parents, as their children often play together. Having a family as a loyal customer can bring in other families through word-of-mouth.

Families often spend more money than individuals and couples, so you will have more customers eating at your table or paying for your service when kids are welcome. It is easier to upsell to an existing customer than to fine new customers.

Families do tend to make more noise than singles or couples but they are generally more happy. The sounds of children laughing, playing, and running around will motivate your team to strive to give the best service, while also attracting other customers.

Ideas for Attracting Families to Your Business

There are lots of ways you can attract families to your business, like providing activity packs for children or offering family discounts. We have put together a list of ideas to implement in your family-friendly business.

Kids menu options if you are a restaurant, club or cafe. Having a kids’ menu will make children and their parents feel relaxed. You do not have to stick to the traditional kids menu containing chicken nuggets, burgers and chips but can provide a healthier option. Offering a kids’ menu is appreciated by parents, who will not have to spend money on a full adult meal or share their plate with their little ones. Kids can be picky eaters and might want their own plate at the table. Make sure your kids’ menu is appealing to parents as well, something that is both nutritious and attractive to children. Also, offer flexible dinnertime, as families with babies and toddlers may prefer to eat earlier than other guests. Our Friends on the Sunshine Coast at Mets on Kings, Caloundra Surf Club stock our Activity Books !

Kids Colouring in Books

Why not provide an activity book pack colouring in books for kids with every meal so kids can draw and colour? This will keep children busy before and after they’re done eating. You can customise the colouring in for cafe colouring activity book pack to match your profession, such as a medical theme, business theme, or pubs and clubs theme to be handed out to all children visiting your business. Our packs only contain pencils which do not leave messy residue unlike crayons. Our books are great value and are fully contained with no messy papers and stickers,

Offering family discounts will bring families through your doors. Many restaurant chains offer free kids’ meals to support parents and to give them a little peace and quiet. These ideas could be a FREE Kidsplay Crafts activity book, which are the favourite colouring in book Australia, with purchase of a kids meal. These don’t cost much but the impact is huge on customer satisfaction and retention.

Activity Books are a great way to attract families

Take a look at your business model and try to find ways to make it budget-friendly for families but also profitable for you. Factors to consider include appealing to all ages, engaging children and teens to attract parents, offering family activities, proposing activities where everyone can participate, or allowing adults to sit back and relax while children play.

Make sure you customers know kids are welcomed. A welcome sign saying “Children are welcome at our restaurant” will attract families like a magnet. Once you have decided to cater to families, make sure to communicate it both on-site and online.

Brand awareness

Participate in loads of community events as customers like to interact with people rather than organisations. They will only trust you when they feel you care about them. Attending community events not only makes your image more family-friendly, but also comes with many different advantages. These include getting to know your customers better and encouraging feedback on sites like Google My Business. It increases brand awareness, reaching a new audience and boosts sales by increasing foot traffic. Make sure you engage with social media before, during, and after the event as this will help increase credibility and create connections with potential customers.

COlouring Book Cafe

Make sure you host Kids events ! These events can be a huge success and attract families to your business if you follow the main rules. Rules include :

  1. Knowing the purpose of the event
  2. Considering what would be meaningful to different categories of guests
  3. Offering the right type of entertainment
  4. Providing appropriate food options
  5. Ensuring the safety and security of participants
  6. Make sure your venue is gated and safe for kids to wander around so parents can also relax and enjoy the day.
  7. Ideas for this can be a Plaster Painting or Sand Art workshop.

Make sure you always advertise on social media. The past 5 years has shown us that lots of activities can be done online and that digital marketing has surpassed traditional promotion methods. Parents are very active on social media as many of them have been using the internet since they were teenagers. Social media is a favourite pastime of parents, as it is available 24/7 and allows them to disconnect a little or chat with family and friends. You will want to stay top of mind for your social media followers.

colouring in books australia

Any business can make their premises kid-friendly, regardless of how much or little free space they have. Methods such as creating a kid’s zone or offering kids activity books for restaurants can help attract families to your business. This will help to increase customer retention, sales, and projecting a fun experience for all patrons. Parents will be especially grateful for your support and providing tailored and desirable kid-friendly solutions, enabling them to enjoy their outing as a family!