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Our latest addition to the Sensory Sands collection is the incredible Cotton Sand. It is a unique product that stands out among our range of sensory resources. Far from the ordinary texture of sand, this super soft cotton-like material is crafted to immerse children in a sensory learning experience like never before. With Cotton Sand, kids can manipulate, pull, stretch, and mould it into various shapes. Encouraging them to think critically as they explore through trial and error is a bonus.

Cotton Sand serves as an excellent tool for calming overstimulated children, providing a soothing sensory activity to help them unwind. Engaging in sensory play not only supports learning but also offers a way for children to focus on their education while minimizing distractions from excessive noise and movement in their surroundings.

This amazing new sand is great for children that love to create. Magic sand can be moulded into any shape of any size promoting hand eye coordination and strengthening fine motor skills.  . Our Magic Sand Moulds allow children to apply a wide variety of thinking strategies , to design and create shapes and buildings . This sand when tightly packed into the moulds becomes quite stiff. Therefore achievable for children to move the shapes around or stack the shapes on top of one another. Magic sand is a great way for children to use play to investigate and explore ideas.

Occupational Therapists often use Sensory Sand in their sessions. Click here to read more.