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We’re pretty excited to let everyone know that Australian Made Kids Paints Have Arrived.

We’re now selling the range of Classroom Paints from Educational Colours.

There are so many reasons to choose Educational Colours Splash Paint and Liquicryl Paints from our Kidsplay website:

  • Non Toxic water based acrylic paint
  • Comes in 14 bright colours (compare and you will see the difference)
  • Suitable for kids 3+
  • AUSTRALIAN MADE kids paint (pretty amazing in a world of
  • Recyclable bottles (just rinse and place in your recycling bin!)
  • Materials Safety Data Sheet checked and updated regularly
  • Its affordable, comparatively cheap and good value for money

Splash classroom paint is perfect for kinders, schools, daycare centres, kids clubs, holiday and vacation cares.  It also makes the perfect partner for our plaster painting pieces!

Thanks to Educational Colours supply we can also supply top quality, durable paint brushes to complete your art works. Not to mention mixing trays, paint palettes and other great painting accessories.

Open the paints and you will find that every bottle is bursting with colour! The washable paints can be used on almost any surface: paper, cardboard, canvas, glass, wood, plaster, terracotta, stone, fabric, foam and much more. Plus, the paints are low odour and dry quickly.

We also carry the complete range of colour water colour dyes (also from Educational Colours), allowing you to formulate and create any own unique colours.

Alternatively, you can use them just by themselves to create interesting fabric effects.

If you’re looking for a fun, safe and affordable paint option for kids, we have the paints for you! The Classroom Paints range from Educational Colours has so much to offer, whether you’re new to painting or an experienced artist. Visit our website and start creating amazing works of art today!