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Affordable Fun Craft Activities for Preschoolers using items from around the home!

Looking for some easy and fun craft activities for preschoolers?  Crafting is such a fabulous way to help preschool-aged children improve motor skills. Through artistic expression, your little ones can develop their creativity, enriching their sensory experience. When engaging in craft activities with bright colourful materials, loads of fun can be had while also creating lovely works of art!

pencils, craft activities for pre schoolers

Painted Rocks  craft Art

On a beautiful day, outdoor activities such as painting rocks in the yard from the Family Focus Blog is great fun indeed. All you need are paints and brushes and you can let your kids choose a favourite rock to paint. Enjoy the outdoors as the kids take pleasure in creating their rock art masterpieces.

rock art activity for preschoolers

Use your child’s creation as a paperweight

 Peg Butterfly activities for preschoolers

Try making an easy peg butterfly from Indietutes Blogspot. All you need are pipe cleaners, paints and brushes along with beads with large enough holes, and white craft glue. Little ones will surely be delighted with their original and handmade butterfly.

Pompom Dinosaur

Making a pompom dinosaur from Free Kids Crafts will certainly be enjoyable for smaller kids. You will need pompoms in different colours and sizes along with white craft glue. Let them choose their favourite colours and glue the pompoms together as they create their own cute dinosaur, be it a T-rex or stegosaurus.

Pipe Cleaner Beaded Snake

A pipe cleaner beaded snake from Kids Activities Blog will be an interesting project for a preschooler. This easy animal art activity requires pipe cleaners and beads in a mix of colours, googly eyes, and a glue gun.

bead snakes, craft activities for preschoolers

Beads and pipe cleaners are versatile craft items to have on hand for kids

Egg carton caterpillars

Creating egg carton caterpillars from lets preschoolers strengthen their motor skills. Have them cut, paint, draw and make this crafty caterpillar. You need a paper egg carton, scissors and pipe cleaners (also called chenille sticks) as well as paint and markers. Let them do their own design and show their artistic flair.

Popsicle Stick Frog Art Craft

Have fun as you teach your little people how to make a popsicle stick frog from Kids Activities Blog. The materials you need are popsicle sticks (we call them craft sticks), green paint, large googly eyes, red construction paper, a small bit of white cardboard from a paper plate or empty toilet paper tube, glue, and scissors.

popsicle stick frog, fun craft activities for preschoolers

Get creative with popsicle sticks

 Not So Scary Play Dough Monsters

These simple not-so-scary-play-dough-monsters are a fun-to-do craft from Pink and Green Mama. Kids will enjoy making monsters on their own out of play dough, craft beads, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. A great activity for indoors or outdoors.

play dough monsters, fun craft activities for preschoolers

Unleash your child’s inner artist

Throw Ball Painting fun craft activities

Throw Ball Painting is an engaging outdoor activity from Kids Play Box that preschoolers will absolutely love. Get a big old box, different colours of paint, tape, butcher paper, balls and sensory squishy toys and your little one is ready to make his/her abstract masterpiece.

throw ball, fun craft activities for preschoolers

Throw balls are mountains of fun for preschoolers

Leaf Print Art activities

This leaf print art and craft idea from First Palette is a fun way of making use of leaves as a design concept. First things first, your little one must collect leaves of different shapes and sizes and you then prepare the necessary materials such as sketch paper, paint, paint brushes, and glitter so that leaves can be painted and pressed onto the paper to make beautiful pictures and patterns.

leaf print art, fun craft activities for preschoolers

Being creative while amongst nature is a match made in heaven for preschoolers

Egg Carton Lady Bugs

Cute egg carton lady bugs will win every preschooler’s heart. This crafting idea shared by Free Kids Crafts is a fun way to spend a lazy afternoon. Materials such as empty egg carton cups, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pompoms, paint, paintbrush, white craft glue and scissors will be needed.

egg carton craft activities for preschoolers

Keep your empty egg cartons aside for endless craft possibilities


This lovable hedgehog from Powerful Mothering is a colour sorter and serves as a counting tool for preschoolers. Modelling clay or playdough, craft sticks, and paint in variety of shades is what you and your child will need to create and shape this fun hedgehog project.

And there you have it. 11 easy, fun activities for preschoolers that require minimal equipment and use up objects from around the home, some that would otherwise end up in the bin!

Enjoy these 11 Fun Craft Activities for Preschoolers activities with your children and be sure to visit our shop for all of the art and craft supplies you need to stock up on!