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Planning a kids club program is not easy and kids can be hard to please sometimes!  If you’re looking for craft ideas though Kidsplay Crafts can help out!

5 Easy Craft ideas Activities

Here’s 5 easy craft ideas to do in your kids club next holidays:

  1. Plaster Painting – our plaster pieces are fun for all ages.  We have themes to appeal to all kids and our Mega Plaster packs of 100 large pieces is our most popular product and we can even tailor the pieces to suit your needs.  Plaster painting is a craft idea that kids of all ages can do.
  2. Sand Art – a bulk pack of 100 cards plus coloured sand is an activity that kids love.  Our cards and sand are best quality available.  Our “Easy” cards can be completed by the little ones whilst our “hard” cards will challenge older kids and teenagers.
  3. Shrink Art (Shrinky Dinks) – Make keys rings and jewellery out of your own artwork.  Simply colour in, heat in the oven as per instructions and watch your art shrink!  Very retro and very cool!
  4. Poster Art – using our Educational Colour Classroom Paints.  These paints are the same paints used in Kindy’s and schools around Australia.  Non-toxic and very easy to clean-up!
  5. Activity Books, Necklaces, pom-poms, mask and more – our simple pre-packed Activity packs are an easy solutions for busy operators.  Drop us a line and we’ll put together something easy and affordable for you.

Have a quick read of this blog of Newspaper Art that is wearable ! Maybe something to try one day ?