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35 Kids Club Ideas is here to help you with ideas for your kid’s club. Here’s 35 kids’ activities that might be perfect for your kids’ club, vacation care, hotel, or resort:

  1. Movie Night – Family films, popcorn, and a big screen.
  2. Shrink Art – Make an old school shrinkie key-ring for Mum.
  3. Plaster Painting – Paint a plaster piece.
  4. Treasure Hunt – Hide a list of things for kids to find.
  5. Easter Egg Hunt – Easter favourite.
  6. Kids disco – Burn some energy on a Friday night!
  7. Make a dreamcatcher – Build a dreamcatcher using simple craft supplies
  8. Face Painting – Bring in a face-painter or DIY.
  9. Sandcastle building competition – Fun at the beach!
  10. Live music – Tunes for Mums, Dads, and kids
  11. Pancake day – Breakfast favourite.
  12. Sausage sizzle – An Aussie tradition for the whole family!
  13. Bingo – Down load some sheets and buy some coloured markers!
  14. Colouring in Competition – Do it over a week with a prize.
  15. Scavenger Hunt – Find a list of some common everyday things.
  16. Trivia Night – Where competitive Dads thrive (use Trivial Pursuit questions).
  17. Karaoke Night – For a family singalong.
  18. Game Show night – Wheel of Fortune!
  19. Bocce – Traditional test of skill.
  20. Cake or biscuit decorating – Decorate and then eat!
  21. Perler Beads – Design your own cool long-lasting fuse artwork
  22. Lip Sync Challenge – Favourite of wannabe rock stars.
  23. Sand Art – Create bright artworks that look great.
  24. Celebrity Head – Potentially the funniest game ever
  25. Lego Building challenge – Share a bucket of Lego for hours of quiet fun.
  26. Paper aeroplane competition – OUR FAVORUITE – Longest flight wins!
  27. Australia’s got talent – Or maybe it doesn’t!
  28. Photo Competition – Snap away and share the results on social media.
  29. Playdough – Make anything with playdough!
  30. Sack races – A few old sacks and a lot of fun.
  31. Handball competition – tennis ball and concrete required!
  32. Fishing Competition – Take a photo and throw ‘em back.
  33. Tug of war – 1 big rope and teams of 3 or more.
  34. Drumming groups – Drum circles are very cool.
  35. Jelly Eating competition – Biggest guts wins!