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Christmas Sequin Mix


Christmas Sequin Mix comes in a pack of 35 grams. Colours include silver, gold, red, green, and white. Ideal for decorating cards, as well as paper mache Christmas Crafts.

Get into the festive spirit with our Christmas Sequin Mix! This 25-gram pack of brilliance features sequins ranging from 6 to 8 mm in length. The vivid and shimmering colours include silver, gold, red, green, and white. These versatile sequins add magic to any holiday project.

Children can enjoy these sparkling sequins in childcare centers. Educators can use them to enhance various activities and crafts. Schools can incorporate them into art classes and holiday projects. Afterschool care programs will find endless uses for this delightful mix. Even at home, these sequins offer hours of creative fun.

Here are five Christmas crafts you can create with our Christmas Sequin Mix:

  1. Christmas Ornaments: Glue sequins onto foam or felt shapes to create dazzling tree ornaments.
  2. Holiday Cards: Sprinkle some sparkle on your handmade Christmas cards to make them stand out.
  3. Festive Masks: Decorate plain masks with colourful sequins for a holiday masquerade.
  4. Gift Wrap Embellishments: Glue sequins onto gift wrap and tags for a personal touch.
  5. Christmas Stockings: Add a sequin border to your stockings for extra holiday cheer.

Make your holiday season shine brighter with our Christmas Sequin Mix. Whether you’re a teacher, caregiver, or parent, these sequins are perfect for any festive project.

Bring joy and creativity to your holidays with this spectacular assortment.

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