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Glue Stick 35g


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The Glue Stick 35g by Zart is ideal for all papercrafts, scrapbooking projects, cardmaking and many more craft projects. Non-toxic. Easy clean up.

Discover the magic of effortless bonding with the Glue Stick 35g by Zart. It is a versatile adhesive essential for all crafting endeavors in childcare settings, schools, and homes. This innovative glue stick is designed to glide smoothly onto paper, making it a perfect companion. Fun to use with papercrafts, scrapbooking, cardmaking, and an array of creative projects that require precision and efficiency

Utilize Glue Stick 35g efficiently:

  • In Childcare Settings: Enhance sensory experiences and fine motor skills development. Do this by introducing children to the world of paper crafting using the Zart Glue Stick. Engage little ones in tactile activities that promote creativity and hand-eye coordination, all while ensuring a mess-free environment with easy clean-up.
  • In Schools: Empower students to unleash their artistic potential that allows them to cover large areas swiftly and cleanly. Ideal for group projects, art lessons, and classroom decorations. The Glue Stick promotes collaborative learning and encourages students to express themselves through various craft projects.
  • At Home: Transform your home into a haven of creativity with the Glue Stick on hand for all your DIY needs. From helping with school assignments to engaging in family crafting sessions, this non-toxic adhesive ensures a safe and enjoyable bonding experience for craft enthusiasts of all ages.

Encourage imagination, foster collaboration, and simplify crafting tasks. It is the ultimate tool for papercraft enthusiasts, educators, and creative minds alike. Make every project a breeze with its easy application, non-toxic formula, and quick cleanup, allowing you to focus on bringing your ideas to life with ease and precision.