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Natural Matchsticks


Matchsticks Natural Bag of 3000, Matchsticks measure 2mm x 2mm x 42mm. Pack of 3000. Length can vary 42mm – 43mm.

Introducing our Natural Matchsticks, a versatile and eco friendly addition to any craft cupboard at home, in classrooms, or childcare rooms.

This bag of 3000 matchsticks offers endless possibilities for creative projects and educational activities.

Best Matchsticks Crafting Ideas for Kindergartens, OOSH, and Schools:

  • Use matchsticks for collage and construction projects. This allows children to explore different textures and materials while developing fine motor skills and creativity.
  • Create photo frames by arranging matchsticks around the edges of cardboard or wooden frames. Will add a rustic and handmade touch to treasured memories.
  • Make bookmarks by gluing matchsticks together in various patterns and designs, providing a practical book mark for reading enthusiasts.
  • Explore mathematical concepts such as counting, sorting, and patterning by manipulating matchsticks during hands on learning activities.
  • Incorporate matchsticks into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). These challenges and experiments always encourages critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Made from natural wood, our matchsticks are a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for crafting and construction projects. Their small size and lightweight nature make them ideal for use by children of all ages under adult supervision.

Use with PVA or Supertac by Zart that is a thick glue that dries quick.

Matchsticks measure 2mm x 2mm x 42mm. Pack of 3000. Length can vary 42mm – 43mm

If you enjoy building with matchsticks try building with our popsticks. We sell both 66mm and 114 mm

Spark creativity and imagination with our Natural Matchsticks and inspire endless hours of hands on learning and fun.