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Glue Spreaders


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Glue Spreaders  Pack of 12. Size 14mm x 118m. Moreover, these paste spreaders excel when paired with PVA glue and Supertac glue. Saves on brushes being ruined.

Introducing our versatile Glue Spreaders  – an essential tools for every artroom! Crafters have designed these spreaders from sturdy white plastic to simplify the process of using glue.

Here’s why our Glue Spreaders are a must have for Kindergartens, OOSH and Schools :

  • Perfect for Impasto Work: Whether young artists are creating textured art pieces or immersing themselves in the technique of impasto painting, these spreaders serve as the ideal tool for applying thick layers of paint onto surfaces with care and ease. This allows them to express themselves freely, showcasing visible brushstrokes and palette knife marks with ease.
  • Versatile Applications: These spreaders offer multiple uses. Use in impasto painting to spreading PVA glue and Supertac glue, making them suitable for various tasks.  This makes them an essential tools for various crafting projects.
  • Protects Brushes: Say goodbye to ruined brushes! These spreaders help prevent brush damage by providing an alternative tool for spreading glue, keeps brushes in pristine condition for longer durations.
  • Reusable and Easy to Clean: Enjoy hassle free cleanup with our reusable spreaders. Simply peel off dried glue for effortless maintenance, allowing for repeated use and reducing waste in the artroom.

With a pack of 12 spreaders  you’ll have an ample supply to accommodate group projects and inspire creativity among young artists. Elevate your crafting experience and equip your artroom with these must-have Plastic Paste Spreaders today!