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Colours of Country Ochre Paint Sticks


6 Paint Sticks, 10 grams each , Colours include, Red, Yellow, and Black), and three captivating ochre earth colours.

Introducing the Colours of Country Ochre Paint Sticks – your ticket to a vivid, hassle-free painting and drawing experience! Unleash your creativity with this fantastic assortment of Ochre Paint Sticks, affectionately known as Slicks, featuring the iconic hues of the Aboriginal Flag (Red, Yellow, and Black) alongside three earthy ochre tones. These are super great for young children with minimal mess.

The drawing slick applicator is a game-changer, eliminating the mess and fuss, making it a perfect choice for students and artists of all ages, whether you’re kicking back at home or stirring up inspiration in the classroom or art studio. You will love these Slicks as they are solid paint sticks housed in a nifty twist-up applicator, and the best part? No need to sharpen them! Glide the colours on as smoothly and luxuriously as your favorite lipstick – a delightful experience for artists of every generation.

Let your creativity flow effortlessly onto various surfaces like paper, card, papier-mâché, fabric, and wooden craft, yielding breathtakingly intense results. For a whimsical home activity, doodle directly onto a glass window  or mirror and marvel as the light dances through, illuminating your masterpiece. And fret not, as Ochre Sticks are easily removable from glass with a splash of water and a sponge.

Key Features of Colours of Country Ochre Paint Sticks:

  • A vibrant pack of 6 Slicks in an array of bright colours.
  • Six stunning hues: Aboriginal Flag (Red, Yellow, and Black) and three captivating ochre/earth colours.
  • Each Slick boasts a generous 10 grams of artistic goodness.
  • Compact Slick size: 88mm long x 15mm diameter.
  • Luxuriously smooth solid paint sticks in a lipstick-like applicator.
  • Swift drying and washable technology – no waiting around!
  • Effortless twistable mechanism for a seamless painting experience.
  • An exceptional clean and portable paint solution for artists on the move.
  • No need for sharpening – just twist and create!
  • Suited for creative minds of all ages.

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