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Metallic Slicks Paint Sticks

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Metallic Slicks Paint Sticks in gold and silver colours. Washable and dry fast. Size: 88mm long x 15mm diameter. 10 grams per Slick stick. Packet of 12

Discover the smooth lipstick like Metallic Slicks Paint Sticks, available in an assortment of gold and silver colors. Glide these vivid colors easily onto paper and card, achieving intense results, especially on kraft and black paper, making them perfect for all ages. They dry quickly and wash off effortlessly. The twistable mechanism ensures no sharpening is needed.

For a fun activity at home, draw directly on a glass window and watch in amazement as the light shines through and illuminates your art. Simply use water and a sponge to remove Slicks from glass since they are non-permanent.

This pack of Metallic Paint Sticks includes 6 gold and 6 silver sticks. Explore more colors with our other products—Colour Slicks by Zart 12s and Bright Slicks by Zart 6s.

Each Slick stick :

  • Measures 88mm in length
  • 15mm in diameter
  • Weighs 10 grams
  • The packet contains 12 sticks.

Slicks can be used on a variety of surfaces

Paper: Paint in a stick, draws on wet and dries without smudging.

Wood: Wooden surfaces.

Fabric: Slicks are a non-permanent textile and fabric decoration.

Dark surfaces: White and metallic Slicks work effectively on brown kraft card, black and dark backgrounds.

Canvas: Slicks are a portable paint solution!

Magiclay: Use Slicks to colour dried Magiclay models.