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Plastic Rolling Pins


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Plastic Rolling Pons, Pack of 8, measure 210mm long and has a diametre of 40mm

Introducing our versatile Plastic Rolling Pins, the ultimate modelling tool for any classroom or preschool room. These rolling pins are not only perfect for rolling out small slabs of clay and dough, but they also offer endless creative possibilities for collage and decoration projects.

Our Plastic Rolling Pins are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them ideal for younger artists or when working with smaller amounts of clay. Simply place the roller over a lump of clay, press, and roll out to create the desired shape or thickness.

These are suitable for use with a variety of modelling mediums, including Air Dry Clay, homemade dough, playdough, plasticine, and clay. Their sturdy plastic construction ensures durability and long-lasting use, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor experiences. Additionally, they can be a great addition to kitchen play for imaginative and interactive playtime.

With this pack, you’ll receive eight Plastic Rolling Pins, providing ample supply for group activities and collaborative projects. Each rolling pin measures 210mm long and has a diametre of 40mm, offering the perfect size for comfortable handling and precise control.

Not only do these enhance the modelling experience, but they also contribute to the overall development of students’ motor skills. Modelling with clay allows students to explore texture, form, and three-dimensional possibilities, stimulating their tactile senses and fostering creativity.

While hands and fingers are essential tools for modelling, incorporating man-made clay tools like our Plastic Rolling Pins empowers students to experiment with different techniques. They can build, cut, and create unique marks on their clay creations, further expanding their artistic abilities. Team up with our dough cutters.

Maintaining these Plastic Rolling Pins is a breeze – simply wash them in warm soapy water for easy cleanup and use again.

Home made playdough is fun to make and we have found a great recipe that we just had to share!

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