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Australian Animals Paint Stampers


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These Paint Stampers Australian Animal Set of 6 are high quality , 80mm high with a stamp diameter of 60mm. Stamps include echidna, kookaburra, kangaroo, koala, wombat and platypus.

Introduce a splash of Australian charm to your art activities with our Australian Animals Paint Stampers set! Crafted from durable plastic, these stampers ensure long lasting use in both classroom and home settings.

Standing at 80mm tall with a stamp diameter of 60mm, these stampers are perfectly sized for a variety of art projects.

Here’s how children can maximise their creative potential with these stampers in Kindergartens, OOSH and Schools:

  1. Versatile Application: Ideal for general art activities, these stampers are also suitable for use with paint and dough, making them perfect for unleashing creativity in various mediums.
  2. Australian themed Projects: Enhance Naidoc Activities and theme projects with an Australian focus by incorporating these stampers. Stamps feature iconic animals such as the echidna, kookaburra, kangaroo, koala, wombat, and platypus.
  3. Hands on Learning: Encourage tactile exploration and fine motor skills development. Have children stamp these charming animal designs onto paper, playdough, or other craft surfaces.
  4. Easy to Clean: Whether used with playdough or paint, cleaning is a breeze. Simply wash the stampers clean for repeated use and endless creative fun.

Note: Please be aware that the stamp handle color may vary from the picture.

With our Australian Animals Paint Stampers, children can embark on imaginative journeys through the Australian landscape, bringing these beloved native animals to life with every stamp.