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Pubs & Restaurants | Activity Books for Kids

Attention Managers of Pubs or Restaurants!

Delight your family diners with activity books for the kids – a cheap and simple way to make your family patrons feel welcome and enjoy their experience at your venue. (We all know happy customers are returning customers!) Eating out shouldn’t be a chore and for parents it’s all about the choice of restaurant or pub and what there is for the kids to do.

Activity books for kids have become a favourite with parents and kids alike. The kids have a great distraction and parents get a few minutes to themselves to (hopefully) eat their dinner and enjoy a drink with a little peace and quiet. After all, we do eat out to relax.

Does your venue offer kids activity books or activity packs to families? There are some great benefits:

  • Low outlay with a big impact
  • If you meet our minimum order requirements, we can have a book custom-designed to suit your business and branding
  • There are no maintenance costs or downtime due to breakdowns or damages like a games room or playground
  • Parents can forget about having to bring pencils, books, etc, you have the lot ready for them – and they get to take the pack home as a gift
  • Colouring and drawing is a great activity to get the kids settled and sitting down before their meal
    Appeals to a wide range of ages
  • Kids who enjoy the packs will ask to go back to your venue time and time again.. and we all like to make our kids happy!

Designed specifically for pubs & restaurants, these activity books are filled with jokes, riddles and activities. Keeping kids busy whilst Mum and Dad eat, it’s excellent way to keep families happy and in your business longer.

Our books come professionally packaged in a resealable poly bag with a pack of 6 1/2cm length pencils. Prices start from as little as $0.99c inc GST.

Check out our activity books (bulk) and make your venue more family friendly.