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Wooden Owl


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Wooden Owl with pre drilled holes. Ideal for threading and collage activities. Size is 10 cm x 7.5cm. Collage or thread using wool, yarn, paper form it and spaghetti string.

Introducing the Wooden Owl Threading Template. It is the perfect craft activity for kids to create their own adorable dream catcher owl. This pre-punched wooden owl template is designed to help children improve their coordination and dexterity while unleashing their creativity.

Create a colourful and well-thought-out design. It is ideal for little crafters who love working with threading materials such as yarn, wool, or Paper Form It. Sold individually, the template features pre-punched holes that children can weave colourful thread through to bring the owl to life.

As they weave through the pre-punched holes, they will see the details of the owl, such as its colorful tummy and friendly face, slowly emerge.

This creative sewing project is not only fun and enjoyable but also provides a fantastic way for kids to practice hand eye coordination and learn new skills.

Let them stitch, design, decorate, and bring their very own owl creation to life. Whether they are working on their own or with friends, this Wooden Owl Threading Template will inspire hours of imaginative play and artistic expression.

Get ready to embark on a colourful and engaging crafting adventure with the Wooden Owl Threading Template. Watch as your child’s creativity takes flight with this unique and interactive craft activity!