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Sensory Magic Sand


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Introducing the enchanting Sensory Magic Sand, a remarkable medium that unlocks infinite possibilities for innovative designs and captivating models. Immerse yourself in a realm of creativity. Children, armed with nothing but their bare hands or sand tools, embark on mesmerizing hours of unbridled play. The malleability of this sand empowers young minds to effortlessly shape and mould breath taking castles, imaginative creations, and intricate models. It can then metamorphose back into sand instantaneously, granting endless opportunities for amusement.

Venturing into the world of Magic Sand is a sensory extravaganza that nurtures the development of invaluable skills such as hand-eye coordination and refined motor abilities. Facilitating a holistic learning experience, this unrivaled activity reigns supreme both within the confines of a classroom and the comfort of your home. A generous supply of 1kg magic sand awaits, beautifully housed within a spacious and reusable container, offering convenient storage and boundless indulgence in this remarkable sensory masterpiece.

Sensory Cotton Sand is also fun to play with and stretches out just like cotton wool!

If you are looking for some more fun Sensory ideas for Toddlers we have found a great list here.

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