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Transparent Counters


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Transparent Counters , 1000 pieces in a reusable plastic tub.

Enhance your learning experience with our versatile set of Transparent Counters! This set includes 1000 plastic counters in four vibrant colours – red, yellow, green, and blue – all conveniently stored in a sturdy PET jar.

Designed for use in the classroom, these transparent counters offer endless learning opportunities. Whether you’re teaching counting and sorting, playing a fun game of bingo, or creating a sensory bin, these counters will be your perfect companion.

Engage in hands-on learning activities by using these counters to explore counting, sorting, grouping, addition, and subtraction. Their transparent nature makes them ideal for use with overhead projectors, allowing your students to observe and interact with mathematical concepts like never before.

Don’t limit yourself! You can combine these counters with other sets to further enhance your learning experience. Create exciting patterns, sequences, and color-coded groupings to stimulate your imagination and cultivate critical thinking skills. Here is 8 activities you can do with counters.

Not only are these Transparent Counters perfect for use in the classroom, but they are also incredibly versatile for use at home. Packaged in a practical plastic container with a convenient carry handle, these counters are easy to store and transport. Make learning fun wherever you go!

Made from durable and soft plastic, these counters are safe and comfortable to handle. Each counter measures approximately 20 mm in diameter, making them the perfect size for small hands to grasp and manipulate.

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