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Tactile Vibrating Cow Cushion


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Tactile Vibrating Cow Cushion by Senseez, requires 2 x AA batteries, 24cm in diametre and 7.5cm high

Introducing the Tactile Vibrating Cow Cushion by Senseez – a revolutionary sensory pillow. The pillow is both lightweight and uniquely designed to deliver a blissful, vibrating sensation when gently squeezed or sat on. This delightful pillow is bound to relax, calm, and soothe your body, providing ultimate comfort.

What sets the Furry Cow cushion apart is its remarkable ability to enhance focus and concentration, particularly for children who struggle with staying still or being attentive. Whether it’s in the classroom or elsewhere, this pillow works wonders for kids who find it challenging to concentrate.

While it’s perfect for energetic children, it truly shines as a support needs cushion. For people  with autism, ADHD, or sensory processing disorder it has been a winner.

The magic lies in the cushion’s gentle vibrating mechanism, which helps to calm children who crave additional sensory feedback. It’s also incredibly beneficial for hypersensitive kids as it aids in building their tolerance towards various sensations. The fluffy material  provides a comforting touch and also offers a fantastic tactile experience that engulfs your senses.

For convenience and hygiene, the cushion’s covers can be effortlessly unzipped and removed, allowing for easy hand washing. With its compact dimensions of 24cm in diametre and 7.5cm high, this pillow is incredibly portable and can be taken anywhere without hassle.

Please note that the Tactile Vibrating Cow Cushion requires 2 x AA batteries (not included) to power its vibrating feature. Experience the unmatched wonders of this sensory pillow and witness the positive impact it can have on you or your child’s well-being.

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