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Spikey Pods


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Spikey Pods, pack of 250 grams, ranging in length from 2 – 4 cm each

Introducing Spikey Pods – Nature’s Touch for Sensory Learning Environments!

Enhance your sensory learning environment with our Spikey Pods, small botanical wonders that bring texture and interest to your space. The botanical name, Fructus Lipuidambaris, hints at the natural charm encapsulated in these tiny is from 2cm to 4cm.

Spikey Pods go beyond mere ornamentation; they serve as valuable tools in fostering sensory exploration. This of course makes these a perfect addition for childcare settings. Imagine integrating these delightful pods into your natural play areas, transforming them into dynamic spaces that stimulate curiosity and engagement among children.

In childcare settings:

  • Can be placed strategically placed within outdoor play zones. This will create tactile experiences that connect children with nature. Let the little ones discover the different textures and sizes of the pods, encouraging sensory development through touch and observation.
  • These pods also provide an excellent opportunity for educators to incorporate nature-based learning into their curriculum, promoting a holistic approach to early childhood education.

Spikey Pods are not just decorations; they are versatile elements that complement your educational philosophy. Nurture a sense of wonder and exploration by incorporating Spikey Pods into your childcare facility’s natural play areas. It is fun to turn them into vibrant and enriching spaces for sensory learning.

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