Sand Art Picture – Single



If you’re looking for sand pictures for kids check out our SINGLE SAND ART CARD. Perfect to add on to our Sand Art Party for 10 or 15 if you have a few extra’s kids attending !  Select your own cards from over 60 designs. Please message us so we can help you select the deisgns. Our sand art cards are the perfect craft activity for kids clubs, fetes, schools, or just rainy days at home.

If you’re new to sand art, each card is like a big sticker. You peel off sections and add the coloured sand that you desire – usually we recommend black sand for the outline of the picture.

Do each section of the picture, using darker sand colours first. Once you’ve finished colouring each section you’ll have a beautiful sand art image.

We have the full range of coloured sand available too. You can add 100g bags of coloured sand to your order or bulk coloured sand in 1kg.


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