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Sand for Sand Art 100 grams

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High-quality coloured sand per 100g – perfect for sand art cards and other sand craft activities

19 different colours available

**All sand art cards require black sand for the outlines


Sand for Sand Art – coloured sand

Our coloured sand for sand art comes in a fantastic range of  bright colours – blue, green, red, purple, orange, yellow, gold,  and fluros !

Why not order a variety to suit everyone? An essential for all fun sand projects – it’s great to have some on hand for a rainy day.  You can make all the do-it-yourself coloured sand craft projects you can imagine.

Sand Art Cards

These 100g packs are perfect for sand art cards.  Keep in mind that all cards require the use of black sand as the outline of the picture and it’s best to include black as a staple in your order. Light blue and dark blue are also very popular and we strongly recommend ordering both shades of blue to get the best results. Maximise the creativity of your kids’ sand art creations with the full spectrum of colours – just like their imaginations!

Coloured Sand Craft Activities

Coloured sand is great fun to use for other craft activities too. Sand jars, coloured sand and glue drawings, collages and decorations are just some of the crafty things to be made. You could even use mini sand moulds to create mini sand shapes and castles. Sand is definitely not just for the beach!

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