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Rainbow Florist Wire


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1kg Pack of Rainbow Florist Wire, approx 600 pieces. Size: 20-gauge wire x 45cm length. Ideal for making animals and for threading in childcare, afterschool care and OOSH facilities.

Introducing the versatile and vibrant Rainbow Florist Wire. A must have addition to any childcare or after school care setting for unleashing boundless creativity and imaginative craft activities. This wire is crafted to be fine enough for winding, threading, and tying, making it perfect for creating an array of funky and stylish jewellery pieces that stimulate young minds and foster artistic expression.

Ideal for young children, this wire is designed with safety in mind. Ensuring that little hands can handle it with ease under supervision while offering a safe yet engaging creative outlet. The Rainbow Florist Wire comes in a captivating spectrum of colors. A single strand  will; spark joy and inspire as children explore the endless possibilities it offers.

Pack contains:

  • A generous 1kg of Rainbow Wire
  • Approximately 600 pieces

This Rainbow Florist Wire provides plenty of supply for group activities and craft sessions, encouraging collaboration and cooperative play among children. The vibrant rainbow color scheme infuses each project with a delightful sense of vibrancy and excitement. As children explore the diverse color combinations, they will naturally engage their inner artist without any prompting.

What to make with Florist Wire

With each wire measuring 20-gauge and with a length of 45cm, this Rainbow Florist Wire is the ideal tool for introducing children to the art of jewellery making.. From creating intricate patterns to crafting unique jewellery pieces, this wire invites children to explore their creativity. Other benefits include, develop fine motor skills, and express themselves artistically in a fun and interactive way.

A versatile and imaginative resource. The Rainbow Florist Wire is  a delightful addition to arts and crafts activities. Furthermore is also serves as a valuable tool for enhancing sensory experiences and promoting color recognition in early childhood settings. Fun to use for creating jewellery and decorating craft. Also fun to use in imaginative play as this wire is sure to captivate young learners and inspire a world of creative possibilities.

In summary, the Rainbow Florist Wire is a versatile, safe, and colourful resource. It encourages young children to explore their creativity, develop fine motor skills, and engage in imaginative play. With its rainbow of colors and ease of use, this wire is a valuable asset.  Ensuring children to foster artistic expression and innovative thinking in childcare and after school care settings, providing endless opportunities for hands-on learning and creative exploration.