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Pony Beads Metallic


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Assorted mix of metallic coloured beads. Pack of 1000. Colours include gold, silver, green ,blue, pick and red. Fantastic to have in the classroom to make Christmas Decorations.

Introducing our Pony Beads Metallic, a stunning assortment of metallic coloured beads that add a touch of shimmer and shine to any artistic project. With a pack containing 1000 beads, the creative possibilities are endless. This makes them an invaluable addition to childcare and school classrooms.

Key Features of Pony Beads Metallic :

  1. Assorted Metallic Colours: Our Pony Beads Metallic come in a variety of stunning metallic hues, including gold, silver, green ,blue, pick and red. They add an element of elegance and sophistication to collage artworks, jewellery, and decorations.
  2. Versatile Usage: These beads are perfect for a wide range of artistic endeavours. These include from creating Christmas collages to crafting thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Their metallic finish adds a touch of luxury to any project.
  3. Skill Development: Threading these beads onto jute string or plastic string. It’s a fantastic way to practice fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. A super fun and ideal tool for teaching threading techniques for necklaces, bracelets, and keyrings.
  4. Compatibility: Our Pony Beads Metallic can be easily used with various types of string, providing flexibility and convenience for young artists to explore different techniques and materials.

With their shimmering metallic finish and endless creative possibilities, our Pony Beads Metallic are sure to inspire imagination and artistic expression in childcare and school classrooms. Let children explore the world of colours and textures. Making and creating beautiful artworks and developing essential skills through hands on crafting activities using these beads.