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Rainbow Eco Straws


Paper Straws with stripes, pack of 40, 200mm x 6mm.

Introducing Rainbow Eco Straws, the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic drinking straws! These paper straws are not only visually appealing with their vibrant, rainbow colours, but they also come in a convenient retail hang sell cardboard box, making them ideal for everyday use or as a gift for your little ones.

Measuring 200mm in length and 6mm in diameter, these straws are designed to fit most standard-sized drink glasses, making them suitable for both kids and adults. But what sets them apart is their eco-conscious composition. Made from natural cellulose fibres, these Straws are compostable and biodegradable. This means they can be easily broken down by natural processes without harming the environment.

But the possibilities don’t stop at drink sipping! Our versatile paper straws can also be utilized in various children’s crafts. Let your kids explore their creativity by cutting the straws into smaller pieces, perfect for threading and making charming necklaces. The sturdy yet flexible nature of the straws allows for easy manipulation and enhances your child’s fine motor skills.

For craft projects, Rainbow Eco Straws can be an excellent addition to collage making. Their colours can add an exciting touch to any artistic creation. Your child can cut them into different shapes, sizes, and glue create unique designs. With these straws, your child’s imagination is the only limit!

Moreover, Rainbow Eco Straws serve as an educational tool for children to learn about different lengths and sorting. Encourage your little ones to engage in a sorting activity by arranging the straws from the smallest to the largest. Not only will this activity strengthen their cognitive skills, but it will also help them understand the concept of measurement in a fun and interactive way.

With Rainbow Eco Straws, you’re not only providing your family with a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic straws, but also opening doors to endless possibilities for creative play and educational opportunities. If you are looking for some Fun Straw Craft we have found some just for you !