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Pony Beads Rainbow Neon


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Pony Beads Rainbow Neon, pack of 1600 Beads. 10mm in length. Great for threading and making necklaces, bracelets and key chains.

Introducing our vibrant Pony Beads Rainbow Neon, designed to ignite creativity and skill development in childcare and school classrooms. With 1600 beads in each pack, these Educational Colours Pony Beads offer endless opportunities for creating jewellery, decorations, and more.

Key Features:

  • Creative Expression: Perfect for crafting jewellery, decorations, door curtains, and various other artistic projects, inspiring imaginative play and personal expression.
  • Skill Development: These beads are not only fun to use but also encourage the development of motor skills and sorting abilities. This supports early childhood development.
  • Easy Threading: Each bead features a large hole, making it effortless to thread string and other materials through. Promoting independence and fine motor coordination is achieved.
  • Neon Brilliance: The bright neon colors add a pop of vibrancy to any project, allowing young artists to create eye-catching forms of art that stand out.
  • Recommended Age: Suitable for ages 3 and up, providing safe and engaging creative activities for young learners.

From jewellery making to enhancing fine motor skills, our Pony Beads Rainbow Neon are the perfect tool for fostering creativity and skill development in childcare and school classrooms. Let the colourful journey begin as children explore, create, and learn with these vibrant beads!

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