Plaster Fun Activity Pack

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6-7 pieces of plaster

Yellow, red and blue paint, paint brush and colour mixing chart.

All packaged neatly in a box

We make to order and are happy to do girl, boy, mixed or generic boxes.

Healthy alternative to Lolly Bags!



These activity packs are ideal for a rainy day activity.

And if you are looking for lolly bag ideas, what a fun, creative alternative GREAT for Birthday Parties! It’s the perfect solution for parents who are stumped looking for party bag ideas that don’t involve lollies!

Everything you need is contained in a box. 6-7 pieces of plaster, Yellow, Red and Blue Paint, a paint brush and a colour mixing chart. We make to order and can put together packs for girls, boys, mixed or generic.

You can even glue your own magnets on the back when you have finished.

Forget the useless plastic toys that get thrown away the next day… or the lollies that cause many parents to take a big deep breath as they mentally prepare themselves the crazy behaviour they are in for… How about a crafty, unique  ‘lolly bag’ gift that creates longer-lasting enjoyment and something the kids will be proud of creating? Great and affordable as Party Favours – the healthy alternative to Lolly Bags.

Holiday parks and Resorts – Why not sell these through your Holiday Park Reception all year round?

4 reviews for Plaster Fun Activity Pack

  1. Dunia (verified owner)

    Good timing and packing. I am currently trying it out on some kids.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The boys have loved these little kits – the perfect size!

  3. Jenny Dunlop (verified owner)

  4. Julie C. (verified owner)

    A great little activity pack that kept a group of 5 year – 9 year old girls really entertained!!

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