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Colour Apps Paint Dabbers


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Colour Apps, also known as Paint Dabbers and Bingo Markers.

Meet Our Colour Apps Paint Dabbers : innovative water-based dot painting markers that require no cleanup!

These paint markers are designed for stamping dots and drawing lines, featuring a smooth sponge tip for creating crisp dots. The broad barrel makes them easy to handle, making them perfect for young artists exploring their creativity.

Offering vibrant, transparent colors that dry quickly. This set includes:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Red

These markers are best used on white surfaces such as paper, card, canvas,  tracing, and mineral paper, encouraging the creation of imaginative artworks.

Colour Apps offer a clean, user-friendly, and portable painting experience, eliminating the need for brushes or water pots. They are ideal for quick and minimal-material activities, making them perfect for classrooms, homes, holidays, and after-school programs without access to sinks.

Enhance fine motor skills, foster creativity, and develop color, shape, and pattern recognition with Colour Apps dot stamping markers. This pack contains 6 convenient 75mL markers, suitable for ages 3 and above.

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