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Mixed Flowers


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Mixed Flowers Gomprena come in a 10 gram pack and come in mixed colours. Biodegradable and eco friendly a must have for outdoor learning areas.

Mixed Flowers Gomprena is the perfect natural craft material for handmade wreaths, biodegradable craft and children’s craft for Mother’s Day.

Grown in beautiful Northern NSW, this dried Mixed Gomprena is perfect for crafting projects due to its versatility and texture. Its texture and shape make it ideal for creating intricate designs. Decorations look great wth this natural craft material, it is both biodegradable and eco friendly.

The dried Mixed Flowers Gomprena is also suitable for crafting with children, making it ideal for Mother’s Day gifts or decorations. It is also suitable for outdoor learning areas at Childcare, as its natural texture is tactile and safe to use. With its natural colours and no added chemicals or preservatives, it is an excellent option for children’s crafting needs.

This fun flower is a great choice for a variety of crafting needs, offering a natural, biodegradable and eco friendly alternative to other craft materials.
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