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Flower Confetti


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Flower Confetti 10 gram pack

Flower Confetti is grown in the lush Northern NSW region and is the perfect addition to any special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, a children’s craft activity for Mother’s Day, or an outdoor learning area at childcare, our biodegradable confetti can be used for a range of activities.

Use the Flower Confetti in a perfect way to add a touch of romantic flair to your special day. It is simply beautiful, but also 100% biodegradable. You will have peace of mind knowing it won’t harm the environment.

For children’s craft activities, it makes a great addition to Mother’s Day cards and decorations. And for outdoor learning areas in childcare, our confetti provides a colourful and tactile experience for the kids. Use these cute Wooden Hearts to decorate for that special person in your life.

Flower confetti can be an enchanting addition to children’s potion-making activities in childcare settings. This fosters creativity and imagination while incorporating eco-friendly materials and liquids.

Here’s how to Make Flower Confetti Potions:

  1. Ingredient Selection: Encourage children to select eco-friendly materials such as flower confetti made from biodegradable paper or dried flower petals. This ensures that the potions are safe for the environment.
  2. Potion Creation: Provide children with child-safe, eco-friendly liquids such as water, natural food coloring, or diluted fruit juices as the base for their potions. They can mix these liquids with the flower confetti to create colourful and fragrant liquids.
  3. Imaginative Play: Encourage children to engage in imaginative play as they pretend to be wizards or alchemists brewing magical potions. They can experiment with different combinations of flowers and liquids to create potions with various powers. Imagine making potions that make you invisible or give you super strength.
  4. Learning Opportunities: Use the potion making activity as an opportunity to teach children about sustainability. Talk about the importance of using eco friendly materials. Discuss how flower confetti made from natural materials is better for the environment compared to plastic-based alternatives.
  5. Sensory Experience: Incorporate sensory elements into the activity by allowing children to touch, smell, and observe the flower confetti and liquids as they mix them together. This enhances their sensory development and adds to the immersive nature of the activity.

By incorporating flower confetti and eco-friendly materials into potion-making activities, children can engage in imaginative play while learning about sustainability and caring for the environment.

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