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Jellyfish Handheld Vibrating Massager


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The Senseez Handheld vibrating massager Jellyfish vibrates when you squeeze it, providing soothing sensations for relaxation. Approx. 14 x 7.5cms, Requires 2 AA batteries  Ideal for children that need to relax and focus.

Jellyfish Handheld Vibrating Massager by Senseez gives you portable vibrations on the go and is a fantastic sensory product!

The Jellyfish vibrates upon giving it a squeeze, aiding in relaxation and focus. Really good for children on the Autism Spectrum for Mat and quiet time.
It has a soft, tactile texture  to fidget with.

  • Approx. 14 x 7.5cms
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Safety information / Disclaimer:

The Handheld vibrating massager-Jellyfish and Senseez vibrating cushions are not medical devices and should not be utilized for medical or therapeutic purposes. They are not water proof and individuals should never use or submerge them in water.

The vibration mechanism makes a noise that may not be suitable for some children. Each child will react differently to Senseez.

Senseez are not toys, so it’s important to be careful when treating them as such. These products are designed for children aged 4 and older and need parental supervision.

While Senseez are crafted with safety as a priority, they cannot be held accountable for any misuse or ingestion of contents, nor for any injuries resulting from electrical components.

Note: packaging may vary.

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