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Hessian Wall Storage with Pockets


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Hessian Wall Storage with Pockets. 24 pockets. Also ideal storage for student work in progress. 120 x 102cm.  Ideal for storage of hats in the classroom.

Introducing our Hessian Wall Storage with Pockets, a versatile solution for organizing classrooms, OOSH facilities, and work areas. This storage unit features 24 individual pockets. Each measures 18cm wide x 13cm deep, providing ample space for storing various items.

Craft Storage Ideas for Kindergartens and Schools

  • Organise art and craft supplies such as markers, crayons, scissors, and glue sticks in the pockets. This keeps them easily accessible for creative activities.
  • Store learning materials like counting cubes, letter tiles, and flashcards. It will help teachers keep educational resources organised and within reach.
  • Use the pockets to store small toys, puzzles, and games for free play or quiet time activities, encouraging independent exploration and creativity.
  • Assign each student a pocket to store their work in progress or personal belongings such as hats, teaching responsibility and organisation skills from a young age.
  • Display student artwork, projects, or achievements in the pockets, creating a rotating gallery that showcases their creativity and accomplishments to peers and visitors.

Made from hessian, a natural fabric derived from the jute plant or sisal fibers. Our Hessian Wall Storage with Pockets offers durability and eco-friendliness.

With dimensions of 120 x 102cm, it provides ample storage space while also serving as a decorative and functional element in any learning environment. Simplify organisation and maximize space with this versatile storage solution.