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Cardboard Boomerangs


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Cardboard Boomerangs contains 3 large (26 cm long) and 3 small (13 cm long) per sheet, with 60 in total.

Explore the world of creativity with our Cardboard Boomerang kits featuring 3 large (26 cm) and 3 small (13 cm) boomerangs per sheet.

Kidsplay Crafts and Zart Education suggest:

  1. Emphasize the importance of collaboration with local Koorie Communities for culturally sensitive educational materials.
  2. Use these templates to serve as a foundation for enriching lessons by fostering discussions that respect and celebrate Aboriginal identities. It is crucial to consult with the relevant Aboriginal communities when creating art that reflects Aboriginal cultural expressions authentically.
  3. Let your students engage in meaningful learning experiences that acknowledge and value diverse cultural perspectives through hands-on activities like crafting Cardboard Boomerangs.
  4. Collaborate with local communities to ensure that your teaching methods and materials are culturally informed and respectful. Celebrate diversity and promote cultural understanding by incorporating Aboriginal perspectives into your educational practices with Cardboard Boomerangs.
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