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Fluro Paint 2 litres


Fluro Paint 2 litres available in 7 colours.
Thick based Poster Paint, non toxic formulated for use in junior primary classroom.

Introducing our vibrant Fluro Paint by Dynamic Colours. It is a high-quality, ready-mixed poster paint designed for versatile use in classrooms and educational settings. Made in Australia, this water-based paint is non-toxic and washable, ensuring a safe and hassle-free painting experience for young artists.

Best Fluro Paint Key Features:

  1. Classroom Poster Paint: Thick-based and non-toxic, perfect for use in junior primary classrooms, childcare centres, and kindergartens.
  2. Versatile Usage: Ideal for general-purpose painting activities, can be mixed with PVA for enhanced versatility and creativity.
  3. Vibrant Colors: Available in 7 eye-catching colours, including Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple, to inspire creativity and imagination.
  4. Easy Cleanup: Washable formula allows for easy cleanup from hands, clothing, and surfaces, making it suitable for young children.
  5. Large Bottles: Comes in 2 litre bottles for long-lasting use and easy dispensing during art sessions.

From finger painting to creating colourful masterpieces, our Fluro Paint offers endless possibilities for young artists to explore and express their creativity. Let their imagination soar with bold colours and safe, washable paint that brings their ideas to life!


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Weight 2.2 kg

Fluro Blue, Fluro Magenta, Fluro Purple, Fluro Red, Fluro Yellow, Fluro Orange, Fluro Pink, Fluro Green