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Aquacolour Liquid Watercolour Paint


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Australian Made Aquacolour Liquid Watercolour Paint, cmes in a handy 250 ml bottle. Non-toxic ready to use. Ideal for colouring pasta, clay, sand, plaster, water play, dying paper and pop sticks.

Explore a world of vibrant creativity with our Australian Made Aquacolour Liquid Watercolour Paint ! Comes in a handy 250 ml bottle.

Perfect for childcare and school settings. as these versatile paints offer endless possibilities for artistic expression.

These paints offer a fun and interactive way to engage students in themed projects and decorations, adding a touch of colour and creativity to the celebrations.

Utilise for special occasions like :

  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • NAIDOC Week
  • Christmas

What to use Liquid Watercolours on

Whether you’re tinting, dyeing, or painting, these liquid watercolours are designed to bring your craft projects to life. Surfaces to use include paper, cardboard, fabric, wood, and more. The non-toxic formula ensures that young artists can safely explore the wonders of watercolours. This makes them ideal for introducing children to the joy of painting.

In childcare settings, these paints can be used to add colourful accents to various activities. Use it to colour pasta and clay to creating vibrant art and dyeing paper and popsicle sticks. These liquid watercolours provide a mess-free and washable solution for enhancing sensory experiences and fostering creativity in children.

In school settings, educators can incorporate these liquid watercolours into art lessons, science experiments, and holiday themed activities.

Our liquid watercolours are a versatile and essential tool for sparking imagination, exploring colour concepts, and fostering artistic skills in children of all ages. With their washable and non-toxic properties, these paints are a must have for any childcare centre, school, or special event looking to inspire young artists and create memorable projects that celebrate the joy of creativity.

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Blue, Green, Yellow, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Black, Brown, Red