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Easter Sequins in a Jar


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Easter Sequins in a Jar are Matte, shiny sequins. Supplied in a jar in an assortment of pastel colours, ready to glue or stitch onto work for embellishment. Shapes include chicken, rabbit, and egg. Dimensions vary, between 15mm-25mm. Qty: 1750 (approx. ).

Easter Sequins in a Jar offer a dazzling assortment of matte and shiny sequins in soft, pastel hues.

You’ll find charming shapes like :

  • Chickens
  • Rabbits
  • Eggs

Each sequin ranges between 15mm and 25mm, and the jar contains approximately 1750 sequins, giving you plenty to work with.

You can use these sequins to add unique touches to a variety of Easter crafts. Decorate Easter cards by gluing sequins in fun patterns around your designs and messages.

Make your Easter egg hunt more special by adding sequins to the eggs, giving them a brilliant, eye-catching finish.

Kids will especially enjoy using these sequins to create Easter themed decorations. Enhance felt cut-outs of bunnies and chicks by stitching sequins onto them. Elevate your homemade Easter baskets by gluing sequins using Supertac along the handle or around the edges for a festive, sparkling feel.

You can also incorporate these sequins into beautiful Easter garlands. Thread sequins onto a string to create a twinkling banner perfect for any festive celebration. The variety of shapes and pastel colours will add a magical touch to any room.

For an interactive experience, consider hosting an Easter sequin art party. Provide plain paper and glue, and let your guests create their sparkly Easter themed masterpieces. These matte and shiny sequins will ensure everyone’s artwork dazzles. Enhance any Easter craft with the endless possibilities that come from Easter Sequins in a Jar.