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Strawflowers  , pack of 30 grams – ideal for natural crafts in childcare or outdoor learning environments

Introducing our exquisite Strawflowers – Nature’s Palette for Creative Play and Sensory Learning!

Elevate your sensory learning environment with the vibrant hues and organic charm of our Strawflowers. Carefully cultivated and packed in the pristine landscapes of Northern NSW, these 100% biodegradable beauties are more than just blossoms. They are gateways to a world of creativity and sensory exploration. The size range is from 2cm to 3cm and these Strawflowers are perfect for adding texture and interest to your learning spaces.

Childcare settings can transform their natural play areas into captivating landscapes by incorporating Strawflowers. These delicate blooms encourage hands-on exploration, allowing children to engage with nature in a tactile and meaningful way. Imagine little hands weaving these vibrant blossoms into imaginative structures, fostering creativity and a deeper connection to the environment. The Strawflowers, being organically grown, align with environmentally conscious practices, instilling in young minds the importance of sustainability.

Beyond their application in sensory play, Strawflowers are versatile components for seasonal crafts. Dive into the joy of creating Easter and Mother’s Day crafts with these delightful blooms. Their vivid colours and delicate petals make them perfect for crafting personalized cards, wreaths, and other heartfelt gifts. The act of crafting with Strawflowers not only refines fine motor skills but also imparts a sense of accomplishment and pride in the little artisans.

Moreover, our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to the organic cultivation of these Strawflowers. Knowing that they are 100% biodegradable adds an extra layer of eco-friendliness to your childcare setting. Teach children the importance of sustainability from an early age, and let them witness the life cycle of these flowers – from growth to decomposition – fostering a deep appreciation for the environment.

Incorporate Strawflowers into your childcare setting, where nature and creativity converge to create a rich tapestry of sensory learning experiences. Watch as these blossoms become more than just flowers; they become catalysts for growth, imagination, and environmental stewardship.

Team up with Bark and Bud Cones in your outdoor learning area. Also fun to glue onto Mother’s Day crafts.