Dual Tip Metallic Markers Assorted 8s


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The brand new unique Dual Tip Metallic Markers will allow you to creat amazing sharp line work in electric metallic colours!

Being dual tip markers, one end is beautiful flexible and soft brush tip allowing you to create rich, fluid lines of varying thicknesses whilst the the other end is a strong bullet shape nib, perfect for detailed work.

These markers are perfect for you for illustration, calligraphy, writing invitations, lettering, cardmarking and paper crafts.

The dual tip metallic markers have the following features:

  • waterbased markers
  • low odour
  • will make colours ‘pop’ on dark paper
  • each pack includes 8 colours: Gold, Silver, Metallic Orange, Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple, Metallic Light Blue, Metallic Light Green and Metallic Dark Green.


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