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Bubble Wands Bulk Pack


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Bubble Wands Bulk pack of 24 come in a mixed pack of green, blue, yellow and red. Fun to use in Childcare, KIndergarten’s, OOSH and Family Day Care

Experience the magic of bubbles with our Bubble Wands Bulk Pack of 24! Perfect for endless fun, these wands create jumbo bubbles with a simple wave or blow. Enjoy vibrant bubbles  with wands in assorted colours of yellow, blue, green, and red.

In Kindergarten, Bubble Wands spark creativity and sensory exploration. Children can develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills while engaging in imaginative play. Furthermore, in the school setting, these wands offer hands-on learning opportunities by demonstrating principles of bubble physics and enhancing science lessons.

In OOSH and After School Care settings  they:

  • Provide a fun and interactive way for children to unwind and socialize
  • Encourage teamwork and creativity while promoting outdoor play and physical activity.

The durable and superior quality construction ensures long lasting enjoyment, making them a versatile tool for various educational and recreational settings.

With easy usability and vibrant colours our Bubble Wands are an essential accessory for stimulating playtime, learning, and social interaction among children. Bring endless bubbles of joy to Kindergartens, schools, and after-school care programmes with this delightful set of bubble wands

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