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Sequins sure do brighten up our wonderful world! Sequins are a great way to add a bit of sparkle and shine to your art and craft projects. Whether you’re looking for sequin stars, Christmas sequins, or just loose sequins, you can find something special to add to your creations. With so many different shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find just the right set of sequins to make your project shine. So start shopping and let the fun begin!

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Kidsplay Crafts Christmas Sequins

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to add a bit of sparkle to your holiday crafts, consider using star and Christmas sequins. Kidsplay Crafts has a wide variety of sequins available to purchase online to make crafting easy and convenient. Christmas sequins are perfect for decorating ornaments, or adding a bit of shimmer to a gift wrap. You can even use them to create a fun snowman craft. The possibilities are endless when you get creative with Kidsplay Crafts’ selection of star and Christmas sequins.

Star Sequins

With star sequins, you can create a festive garland for your mantle or a star-studded garland to hang on your tree. You can also use star sequins to make a beautiful holiday card or to decorate a festive gift.

What is the best glue to use with sequins?

For craft projects with sequins, White Craft Glue for kids and Supertac Glue are the best glue to use. These glues are particularly ideal for bulk sequins for crafts projects, such as sequins art projects in Australia. They provide a strong, long lasting bond and are perfect for crafting with sequins.

What kids crafts you can make using Loose sequins?

Creating art with loose sequins is a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages. You can buy loose sequins in a variety of colours and sizes from Kidsplay Crafts  to make stunning art projects. For younger kids, use large, colourful sequins such as Large Star Sequins and glue to make pictures and patterns on paper. Kids also love decorating Wooden Craft, Canvas Boards, and Magiclay.  For older kids, you can get creative with sequins and make jewellery, pillows, and even frames. Sequins can also be used to make 3D art, such as butterflies and flowers, or even a mosaic. With a little imagination and the right supplies, kids can make beautiful art with sequins.

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