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Sequins Assorted


Sequins Asst 100g Stackable. Dimensions vary, between 5mm-25mm. Qty: 4000 (approx. ) Super fun for art and crafts to add some dazzle and sparkle to works.

Introducing our Sequins Assorted, a vibrant collection of brightly coloured sequins in assorted shapes and sizes. These are perfect for adding sparkle and flair to your creative projects in classrooms, OOSH facilities, and childcare rooms.

With a generous selection of shapes and sizes, this assortment provides endless possibilities for embellishing and enhancing your crafts.

Best Sequins Assorted for Crafting Ideas for Kindergartens, OOSH, and Schools:

  • Use sequins to decorate greeting cards, artwork, and craft projects. This allows children to express their creativity and add a touch of shimmer to their creations.
  • Create colourful mosaics and collages by arranging sequins in various patterns and designs on paper or cardboard. Fine motor skills and artistic expression and used in this activity.
  • Incorporate sequins into sensory play activities, encouraging tactile exploration and sensory stimulation in a hands-on and engaging manner.
  • Design and decorate costumes, props, and scenery for school plays and performances. Also other themed events as these will enhance visual appeal and bringing imaginative worlds to life.
  • Explore mathematical concepts such as counting, sorting, and patterning using sequins. Encouraging and providing opportunities for hands-on learning and mathematical exploration is a bonus.

Our Sequins Assorted come in a convenient 100-gram screw top jar. Offering a diverse range of shapes and sizes ranging from 5mm to 25mm in each section.

Each section of the container screws onto the one above it, providing easy access and storage for sequins while keeping them organized and contained. Spark your creativity and bring your crafts to life with our vibrant and versatile Sequins Assorted!

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