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Wooden Threading Shapes


Wooden Threading Shapes, comes with 2mm pre-cut holes, 6 shapes – square, rectangle, scalloped circle, oval, teardrop and heart. Make into a keyring !

Wooden Threading Shapes are part of our range of laser-cut wooden shapes. These shapes are perfect for adding that extra special touch to any craft project.
Each shape comes with 2mm pre-cut holes, ready for threading. Use the shapes to teach basic sewing skills. Or cover the wooden surface with paint, Modelling Foam, Washi Tape, or Magiclay for a unique look.

Our range includes five each of six shapes :

  • square (44 x 44mm)
  • rectangle (39 x 58mm)
  • scalloped circle (58mm diameter)
  • oval (40 x 58mm), teardrop (40 x 58mm)
  • heart (50 x 58mm).

Each shape also includes an additional hole, enabling them to be threaded up as pendants. Get creative and add a touch of personality to your next craft project with our laser-cut Wooden Threading Shapes!

Explore our selection of threading strings and wooden beads, perfect for creating adorable keyrings.. Mother’s and Father’s love special keyrings made with love.

If you are looking for different threading ideas check out this fun Hands Around The World craft activity from our friends at Zart Art.