White Craft Glue for kids 125ml


Kids white craft glue.

Handy 125ml size with resealable cap.

Non-toxic, washable and non-staining.  Perfect PVA glue for all types of kids crafts.

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This white craft glue for kids is a non-toxic, non-staining, washable and acid free kids PVA craft glue.  The glue dries clear and is suitable for nearly all kids craft projects!  Washes easily from clothes and hands.

Ideal white craft clue for kids –


2. Non-staining

3. Washable

4. Acid free

5. PH neutral

6. Washes easily from clothes and hands,

Comes in a handy 125ml resealable bottle.  Available in larger sizes on request.

Made in Australia


Suitable for adult craft activities and projects as well as it dries clear, smooth and quickly.


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