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Watercolour Pencils Pack of 24


Watercolour Pencil with a Taklon brush included.  12 assorted colours. Fun to use with Preschool children to teach them the magic of colour blending.

Discover the magic of Watercolour Pencils Pack of 24, perfect for creativity in classrooms and art rooms alike. With a vibrant array of 24 assorted colours, blending is effortless, allowing young artists to seamlessly transition from one shade to another. All your favourite colours are included as well as different shades of some colours.

Each Watercolour Pencils Pack of 24 Watercolour Pencils pack includes a Taklon brush for precise application, while Aqua Brushes enhance the experience for optimal results.

Key Features:

  • Pack of 24 Pencils offers a diverse palette for artistic exploration.
  • Includes a Taklon brush for versatile blending and detailing.
  • Effortlessly blend colours for smooth transitions and captivating effects.
  • Convenient dispensing and storage cylinder ensures easy access and organisation.
  • Elevate your artwork with Aqua Brushes for the ultimate watercolour experience.
  • Perfect for classroom settings and art rooms, inspiring creativity and expression in every stroke.

How to use Watercolour Pencils in Childcare

  • First, the child picks up a watercolour pencil, just like they would a regular colored pencil, and starts drawing.
  • Then, they dip their brush into water and gently brush over their drawing.
  • Watch as the colours blend magically, creating a soft and dreamy watercolour effect that brings their artwork to life!