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Triangular Pencils HB


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HB Pencils. Measures: 17cm long x 1cm in diameter and is supplied in a pack of 12. Perfect to help writing grips.

Introducing our innovative set of 12 Jumbo Triangular HB Pencils. These are crafted to address awkward grips that hinder smooth writing and drawing. The distinctive triangular shape fosters proper pencil grip from the outset of learning. Measuring 175mm in length and 10mm in diameter, each pencil offers ample support for comfortable handling.

Key Features:

  • Quantity: Set of 12
  • Size: Each pencil measures 175mm long and 10mm in diameter
  • Unique triangular shape promotes correct pencil grip
  • Ideal for: Enhancing handwriting and drawing skills, classroom settings, and large projects.

Unlock the potential for improved penmanship and creativity with our Jumbo Triangular HB Pencils, designed to nurture young learners’ development.