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Toy Story Activity Kit


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Toy Story Activity Kit includes 2000 Perler Beads,  2 interlocking square pegboards,  One pattern sheet with step by step instructions. Ironing paper  also included to complete your masterpieces

Greetings, Space Rangers, check out the Toy Story Activity Kit! This is Buzz Lightyear calling from Star Command. Prepare to take creative play to infinity and beyond with the Toy Story Activity Kit by Perler!

Join Woody, Bo Peep, Rex, and the entire gang on an exciting adventure through crafting. With this set, you can create up to nine amazing projects featuring all your favourite Toy Story characters. It’s a perfect mission for ages 6 and up, ensuring a fun, engaging experience guaranteed to blast boredom into outer space!

Contents of the Toy Story Activity Kit :

  • 2000 vibrant Perler Beads
  • 2 interlocking square pegboards
  • One pattern sheet with step-by-step instructions
  • Ironing paper to complete your masterpieces

Why Perler Beads are Stellar for Kids:

  1. Perler Beads are more than just fun; they are an essential tool for skill development. Fine motor skills are boosted as children pick up and place each tiny bead. This precise action strengthens their hand eye coordination and spatial awareness, just like a true Space Ranger’s training.
  2. Colour recognition also gets a boost with Perler Beads. Kids will learn to identify and differentiate a spectrum of colours, crucial for artistic growth. They’ll explore vibrant hues, improving their cognitive skills in the process.
  3. Imaginative play takes on a new frontier with Perler Beads. Creating beloved Toy Story characters fuels their creativity and storytelling prowess. They can invent new tales, embarking on uncharted adventures straight from their imagination. This kind of play is vital for cognitive development, encouraging problem-solving, innovation, and independent thinking.


So, cadets, are you ready to embark on this creative mission? The Toy Story Activity Kit is waiting for you. To infinity and beyond, let’s blast off into a world of creativity!

Visit © Disney/Pixar at for more intergalactic fun and let the adventure begin. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in artistic fun with all of your Toy Story pals. Buzz Lightyear, out!