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Supertac Glue Small Tub


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  • 45mL of Supertac comes in a compact container for easy handling.
  • Quick drying technology, ensuring a touch dry finish in just 30 minutes
  • Complete dry in 4-8 hours
  • It dries transparent, ensuring a clear and seamless finish.

Supertac Glue Small Tub, the revolutionary glue is now available. It is the ultimate adhesive solution for all your crafting needs. Unlike ordinary PVA glue, Supertac is thicker, stronger, and dries at lightning speed. Its unique non-drip formula allows for effortless sticking of various materials, making it a game-changer in the art room and perfect for those tricky home projects.

Not only is Supertac great for quick drying times between lessons, but it also outperforms PVA glue in every way. Its versatility makes it ideal for general gluing and construction tasks. Students will love working with Supertac, as its thicker consistency allows for easy building and precise construction. It even holds materials securely in place while drying, including on vertical surfaces.

With Supertac Glue Small Tub it is water-based and non-toxic formula, parents can rest easy knowing it is safe for kids to use. It easily washes off hands and clothes while still wet, eliminating any mess or stains. The adhesive is compatible with a wide range of materials, including paper, card, fabric, plastics, polystyrene, EVA foam, wood, Magiclay, and even minor ceramic repairs.

Applying Supertac Glue 45mL is a breeze, thanks to its convenient tub packaging with a wide opening and screw-top lid. You can use it straight from the tub or transfer the desired amount into shallow containers or paper plates. For optimal results, dispense the adhesive into a separate container and apply it with a Popstick, paste spreader, or adhesive brush.

How to use Supertac Glue Small Tub

To ensure proper drying, consider factors such as room temperature and the amount of glue applied. Allow approximately 30 minutes for the glue to touch dry and a total of 4-8 hours for complete drying.

After each use, remember to rinse brushes and any other instruments before the Supertac dries. Use a solution of cold water and mild soap for easy cleaning. Avoid letting the glue dry in brushes or on cloths.

For long-lasting performance, store the Supertac Glue Small Tub container in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. This will help maintain its adhesive properties and keep it ready for your next crafting adventure. Say goodbye to ordinary glue and embrace the power of Supertac, the glue that sticks like no other!

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